From 2023 on ASIO is known as AMO

AMO is an official tournament in the Masters circuit of the ITF. As such it is included in the World Rankings of ITF Masters tennis.

In our first nine years we managed to acquire a 700 points status on the ITF Masters circuit. In 2017 for the first time we had more competitors from abroad than from the Netherlands, which added greatly to the international ambiance that we strive after. In 2023 we boasted over 200 competitiors from 27 countries! A higher grade may mean more points to gain and even better opponents, but we are determined to keep the same wonderful atmosphere!

In 2024 our director John Vievermans has decided to spend his efforts elsewhere, with his business in Spain. We have a new director now, Jan van Helvert, who will work together with another new team member, Astrid van Oosterhout, to further grow our tournament in the same spirit as before.

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Link to pictures of the 2024 AMO tournament! The champions will be pictured at the end.

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what participants say about us

I played in the 75 + events in the Amsterdam Open in 2023. It was a really fun and friendly week! My husband and I stayed in a hotel about 100 metres from the courts and ate our evening meals at the club. The clay courts were in super condition and the organisation was superb. The order of play was posted in good time each day. There are also indoor courts so if the weather decides to be unkind nothing gets cancelled, and play continues under cover. We particularly appreciated the good bus service as we had the chance to explore the centre of Amsterdam which has so many museums and fascinating walks. I definitely recommend playing in the Amsterdam Open!

Belinda (Binny) Blackburne
Belinda BlackburneBritish champion 2023, AMO champion 2023, RU World Champion 2023

There are many reasons why I like to play the Amsterdam Open in Amstelveen. I have visited ASIO five times now and each and every time I had the best of fun. We had interesting matches and the people were very friendly. There are not many places where I can still compete in my own age group. Moreover, everybody speaks English, whereas I speak nothing but English.

June Ann Byrne
June Ann ByrneFormer Wimbledon player

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