We hope to welcome you all safe and healthy in 2024, from July 22 – 28.

Players of 65 and over start on July 22, with finals on July 26 or 27. Players of 30-60 will start on July 24. Their finals are on July 28.

Nice to meet you

The Amsterdam Masters Open (AMO, formerly known as ASIO) is an ITF senior tournament for men and women from age 30 till 90+. We offer single, doubles and mixed doubles. Doubles and mixed doubles should preferably be arranged when entering the tournament, but it is possible to enter doubles on the spot.

The tournament is part of the ITF Masters Circuit, so it is possible to earn points for your ranking in the world.

Registration for our tournament

Registration for the Amsterdam Masters Open can only be made via ITF London.

You need an Individual Personal Identification number (IPIN) which you can request from the ITF. To get your IPIN you will need: an internet connection, and a valid email address (registration works via email confirmation)

Attention: even a small mistake will not allow you to register.

Please note the following when you receive your IPIN:

. Do not forget the password with which you registered for your IPIN

.  It is essential to have the IPIN and the password (case sensitive) ready while registering for the tournament. You can recognize your IPIN because it starts with the first three letters of your last name.

For a 700 tournament like ours, it is also necessary to pay the ITF fee of 7 Euro, while registering. If you have a credit card that is made very easy. That is separate from the tournament registration fee.

If you do not know how to register, but you do have an IPIN, we can help you with detailed instructions. Please let us know in case you would like help by mailing us at:

By registering for AMO every participant agrees with the media being informed about the event. Information may also be published on the internet. Names, first names, age groups and rankings of participants may be used, including event-related pictures.

We kindly ask all participants to register for AMO via the ITF as soon as possible, because it will make the planning so much easier. Your registration is regarded as confirmed if your name is stated in the players’ list of the ITF,

Information on the draws and number of participants can be found on the ITF website’s tournament page: <>

A grade 700 ITF Masters Tournament

Our regulars probably still remember the first edition of the Amsterdam Senior International Open in Nieuw-Vennep.  There were still a lot of challenges: which location, who are going to participate, how can we schedule the matches best? Essential elements for a successful week!

In our second year we moved closer to Amsterdam, to our present venue.  Within a few years we reached a grade 2 status, which we were very proud of. Due to construction work at the venue we had to cancel our 2018 edition. But we came back stronger. Our 2019 edition was held at a completely renovated National Tennis Center. This was also the first edition we’ve organized with a grade 1 status! In 2020 we had to cancel again, now because of Covid, but in 2021 we decided against all odds to pick it up again, with a very gratifying attendance as result. In 2023 we reached a peak with over 200 participants from 27 countries.

Our tournament is known for its friendly atmosphere, beautiful venue and strong competition. And this is how we want it to be. We continue to strive for the ideal mix of top tennis and socializing. Besides the matches we hope to organize a friendly welcome cocktail. Sightseeing in Amsterdam for our contestants from abroad is only a bus ride away.

Will we see you at this years’ edition?

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