I have been working at VGZ (health insurer) since 2020 and in my spare time I am very active on and along the tennis court.
Playing tennis and organizing tennis tournaments is a big hobby of mine.
• I am a member of ‘t Root Tennis en Padel Asten and I have been responsible for various tournaments that we organize as a club for several years.
• Since last year, I am also be tournament leader of the Dutch National Tennis Championships for seniors 35+ indoor and outdoor in Hilversum.
• In addition, last year I was asked to become tournament director of the ITF Asten, which I saw as a great new challenge to also be active in an international environment.
• This year I was asked to become tournament director of the ITF Venlo and to participate in the tournament management of ITF AMO. Two fun new sporting challenges, which I’m looking forward to.
Together with Jan van Helvert, I will strengthen the ITF AMO. I know Jan van Helvert from the National Championships 35+ and he is also an experienced tournament organizer.
I look forward to working together with Jan, Torsten and the team of volunteers to make it a pleasant/successful week for the participants and spectators. See you in Amstelveen!

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