2020 edition cancelled

2020 edition cancelled

Dear player,

Some time ago we drew your attention to our Amsterdam tournament, the Amsterdam Seniors International Open (ASIO). Already many players had answered that they intended to come, which was much appreciated. The 11th edition of our tournament was supposed to take place from July 20 to 26, 2020. We promised to send more detailed information on the hotel and transport possibilities. Little did we know how the world would change in the meantime.

Due to the coronavirus, all big events (and our tournament is one) have been cancelled in the Netherlands until September 2020. And in September, even if it were allowed by then, we simply cannot see how we could organize a Grade 1 international tournament when in many countries in the world there are still travel restrictions, if not lockdowns. And later than September would be no option, because our climate does not allow such events. So, instead of telling you how our Grand Hotel Amstelveen is eagerly awaiting you with special rates, and how the direct public transport bus line from Schiphol airport to the venue and the hotel has been restored, so you can reach us from the airport in a mere 20 minutes, and instead of proudly showing off our totally new venue, which is now also the National Tennis Centre, we have to tell you to please keep us in mind for 2021.
The tournament will take place in week 30 again, which is July 26 – August 1 in 2021.

Meanwhile, we hope that you are all stay safe and healthy, and that in 2021 you will be optimally prepared to come and enjoy our wonderful sport in a competitive, yet friendly fashion. We greatly regret that we will not see you this year, but are looking forward to seeing you then.

All our best wishes,

The ASIO-team: Rogier Liefbroer, Miriam de Groot, Frank van Herpen, Paulien van den Tempel. As always, supported by Wil Baks, Frans Poel and Diana van de Born.

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